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Lack of Funding is The #1 Cause of Not Closing a Deal. Don't Let That Happen To You! Projects Wanted Nationwide!  All Credit Considered!  FREE To UNITE!                                                               More about:> "Private Money Man" here!


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It's About Time!  Focus on What You Best, Running Your Business, Not Chase Money! Become United Directly to Our Private Money Resources and Elite Expert Business Specialists with Options and Solutions of The Latest, The Hottest, The Most Innovative and The Most Flexible Personal, Business, Realty, Money Programs on The Planet!  That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved for The Fortune 1000 Companies!  UNITE Now!


“We Make Getting You More Money Easy"  GOVT Home Buyers 3% Down Payment, Proof of Funds, 100% Funding for Real Estate Wholesalers, Stop Foreclosure Rights, Buy/Hold/Refi/Fix N Flip for Commercial/Residential Real Estate Investors, Contractors, Developers, REIC Cash Buyers, Mortgage Note Buyers/Sellers, SBA, Credit Rx Repair, Assisted Living Projects, Hospitality, Franchises, Small & Large Business Owners, Credit Lines, Joint Ventures, Unsecured Business Loans, Personal Loans, Medical Projects, Import/Export/Trade, Alternative Energy Projects, $0 Down Solar System, Network Marketer's Lead Generator, Nonprofits, Churches, Funeral Homes, Grant Writing Course, and Much More!          UNITE Now!


STOP!  Cut Out the Guru's Now!  They Pass Thru Your Town or Online Like a Circus. Then overnight, just like the circus they're gone and unreachable after taking Hundred$ and Thou$and$ of Your Hard-Earned Dollar$ for Tools and Information That You Can Get for FREE, or for The Price of a Tank of Gas, and Even the Price of a Fast Food Meal!  Keep and Save Your Precious Money!  UNITE Now!


Tell Us About Your Great Deals and Great Ideas For Fast Approvals!  Unitedly, We Explore All Options and Solutions Available to You in This Economic and Challenging Marketplace!  From start to finish we prepare you for direct presentation to our Private, JV, Debt, and/or Equity Funder, or Funder’s Underwriting Arm. Providing a united, formal, and thorough examination prior to the grant of approval or clearance.  UNITE Now!


    Please let us know if you require a need for a program that’s not listed below :>Here. 

Lack of Funding Is The #1 Cause Of Not Closing On A Deal.  Don't Let That Happen to You! Finally, You Now Can Focus on What You Do Best, Running Your Business, Not Chasing Money! That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved for The Fortune 1000 Companies!  Free To UNITE Now!

Please let us know should you require a need for a program that’s not listed below :>Here.


#1.  REIC:  Invitation to Join Real Estate Investors Club:  24/7 Proof of Funds! Unlimited Mentorship!  100% Funding for Wholesale Real Estate!  Get Paid Flipping Our Money!  Insiders real estate data secrets, marketing tools, live training, real time leads, joint ventures and Much More!  Limited Spots!                                                                          UNITE Now:>


#2.  FREE Private Money Quote:  No Defined Funding Limit for Commercial and Residential real estate investors, developers, flippers, refinance, buy/hold/rent and new construction!  100% Funding for Wholesalers Only at 1.75% Interest Rate including closing costs! $100,000 to $10,000,000+.  Large Projects Wanted!  Paid Referrals!                         UNITE Now:>


#3.  FREE Credit Rx Repair Audit:  Guaranteed Results in 30 Days!  Zero Upfront Fees! Zero Monthly Fees!  Zero Startup Fees!  Zero Audit Fees!  Zero Hidden Fees!  Get Results First, Pay Later!                                                                                                                 UNITE Now:>


#4.  FREE Stop Foreclosure Info:  Avoid bankruptcy!  Don't Be Intimidated!  Know your legal consumer rights and fight back!  Sue your Lender!  Save Your Home!  Save Your Credit!  Foreclosure sale reversal and more!  Paid Referrals!                                                 UNITE Now:>


#5.  FREE Church Funding Quote:  (CLS) Church Loan Specialists “Helping His Kingdom Grow" for Purchase - Refinance - Construction - Renovation - Restructure - Church in Distress.  $75K to $35M+.  Paid Referrals!  “Help His Kingdom Grow.”         UNITE Now:>


#6.  FREE Church CPA Quote:  A CPA Service for Churches and Nonprofits!  Guaranteed fixed flat rate pricing that’s less than half of what most CPA’s charge!  Preparing accurate Financial Statements, Compilations, and Audits!  Very fast (7 days) turnaround time! Serving over 1,000 churches and other nonprofit organizations for the past 36 years!   Paid Referrals!  UNITE Now:>


#7.  FREE Grant Money:  Since 1978, #1 in America Grant/Nonprofit Writing Service and 501c3 Classes!  Get information that gives you access to buy GOVT $1 homes!  Plus, agencies that at any given time have over $300 Billion in Combined Funding and Grants! Register for Free 30 Minutes Webinar on Thursdays, EST 7:30 PM.                                     UNITE Now:>


#8.  FREE Real Estate Software:  Analyzes and tells you if the property is a Deal or No Deal!  Create and save proforma reports!  Super-Easy-To-Use!  Includes tutorial video, and lots more!  UNITE Now:>


#9.  FREE Real Estate Tax Deferral Quote:  Pay yourself first, not the IRS!  Learn how you could defer capital gains tax without interest!  An alternative (way out) that's tax code compliant to a 1031 Exchange!  UNITE Now:>


#10.  FREE Notes Purchase Offer:  Residential and Commercial Notes Wanted.  If you sold real estate and agreed to finance the buyer (carry the paper) and want to cash out, we will provide you a Purchase offer!  Fast closing!  $10K to $500K+.                                  UNITE Now:>


#11.  FREE Unsecured Personal Credit Quote:  Qualify from $10,000 up to $250,000 and More in minutes!  Expand Operations, Buy Real Estate, Start Your Business! Note: For 680+ Credit Scores.                                                                                                                UNITE Now:>


#12.  FREE Unsecured Business Credit Quote:  No collateral needed!  No Financials! Low documents!  $15K to $150K!  Paid Referrals!                                                                UNITE Now:>


#13.  FREE Flip Our Private Money Referral Program:  No defined funding limit!  Work from home PT/FT!  We do all the work!  Simply Refer, You Get Paid!  Free Landing Page! Free Live Training!  Free Live Back Office Support!  No License Required!  (because it’s private money). UNITE Now:>


#14.  FREE Network Marketers Video Reveals:  How To Get 100 Guaranteed monthly Exclusive Leads!  That’s 3 to 5 New People Looking at Your Network Marketing Business Every Day!  You Keep 100% of Income Earned!  Free Training, Back Office Dashboard, Landing Page, Auto Responder and More!                                                                              UNITE Now:>


#15.  FREE $0 Down Solar System Quote:  Commercial/Industrial/Residential!  We’re cutting electric bills in half!  Zero Down Solar System!  Save Money!  Save The Planet! Disrupt the Dirty Energy Industry Giants!  Recieve $1000’s of dollars in federal and state government rebates and incentives to go solar.  Referrals Paid!                                               UNITE Now:> 



I humbly look forward to Uniting and becoming an asset to you and for your organization.  Having a Long Term, Exciting Business Adventure and The Start of Something Big!

Unitedly yours,  Jorge Diaz II.  Em:,  Cell: 239-362-4002

Chairman of Global Realty Planners, LLC, Minister of Finance, Private Funding Coach, Elite Expediter, Private Funder's Compliance Officer.


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