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Jorge Diaz II., Chairman/Founder of Global Realty Planners, LLC., a registered Delaware Company.  Elite Client Expediter, Private Money Man, Minister of Finance, Private Funding Coach, Church Loan Specialist, Private Lender Compliance Officer, and also a client!   


Owner/Operator/Bio:  Global Realty Planners, Money To Loan USA, I Buy/Sell Notes Nationwide, and  A Certified Financial Planner (1984), past State of Connecticut Licensed Real Estate Broker.  CT license #: REB.0791O46 and State of New York Licensed Real Estate Broker.  NY license #: 1035120866.  Semi-retired (2016), and ongoing student of the trade, serving the public at large since 1979. 


Open 7 Days:  Global Realty Planners, LLC., is an Independent, Innovative Real Estate, Financial Planning, Information and Resource Center.  With longstanding strategic relationships with a consortium of domestic and international banks, private lenders, investors, unions, insurance companies, private capital, wealthy families, credit companies, hedge funds, pension funds, accredited investors, real estate brokerages, private debt, equity, JV, lender(s) and clergy's across the globe.                                                                          See "Main Money Page" here!


Consumer Advocate:  As pro-active entrepreneurs, financiers, seasoned real estate investors and financial planners with our GRP Team Family Funding Circle, we are Blessed and proud to be most dedicated to offering exclusive, boutique, customized, problem solving, private funding and business services that profoundly enlighten our Clients, Affiliates, Colleagues, and the Public at large.  That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved for The Fortune 1000 Companies.  See "Main Money Page" here!


Collaboration:  In the fields of real estate, business, energy management, private funding, credit and tax strategies with the awesome opportunities and tools available to us today in this uncertain and economic challenging marketplace. Serving since 1979.                          See "Main Money Page" here!


Current Event:  Ever striving to perform with break-neck, rapid-fire, lightning speed service with newly added virtual, robotic, and artificial intelligence systems while still maintaining that Old School Personal Service and Quality Workmanship Reputation in the real estate and finance industries as a Realty Planner, Investor, Private Funding Consultant, Client Expediter and Lender Compliance Officer.  See "Main Money Page" here!


News Flash:  Ever evolving and expanding, GRP will be rolling out our nonprofit division during 2020;  Diaz Foundation Consumer Trust Association.  Enabling our ever present awesome GRP Team Family Funding Circle and GRP (REIC) Real Estate Investment Club (with over 200 combined years of experience) to increase community services with Even More Options and Solutions!  See "God Money Mindsets" here!


Ten Client Requirements.  Do Not Apply with less than 5.  I've come to realize the hard way that I'm only able to serve and function at my greatest and provide transformative results doing my best work with Only those who possess the following traits. Non-Negotiable.  1. Must have a vision so inspiring, and a challenge so big, it makes me eager to wake up to serve...  2. Must be adventurous, collaborative, graceful, determined, and kind…  3. Must be willing to take risks, have fun, and make mistakes…  4. Must  be honest, transparent and real about needs, struggles and challenges…  5. Must want to build a world-class business...  6. Must respect time as valuable and precious...  7. Must be goal-driven and flexible...  8. Must be (WAR) willing, able & ready to follow protocols and directions well...  9. Must trust our creative input...  10. Must have faith in our expertise and value our work.  Need only apply if that's you.  UNITE Now!  Schedule Your Pro Bono Consultation Here<>


NEW for 2020.  Limited Spots!  Silver Starter Expediter Hire:  A Masterful Kickoff! $150. (100% tax deductible).  Please Recieve and Accept this time sensitive $5,000+ Blessing Value! (a true price tag elsewhere).  Reserve your spot Now 7 days/eves 3 sessions for a Limited Time Only!  It's Simple.  Tell us about your business and we'll find you the funding!  That's what I do best! That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved for The Fortune 1000 Companies!  It's About Time!  Finally, You Now Can Focus On What you Do Best, Running Your Business, Not Chasing Money!  We do all the heavy lifting.  Pre-process, pre-underwrite, pre-package, and appraise the feasibility of all your Project(s) private funding request.  Determining first, what can be done for each Project(s) using our flexible Private Lender(s) compliance/guidelines based on the geography of the transaction, loan amount, use of funds, type of business, credit profile and collateral, or lack of collateral that accompanies your Project(s).  We provide an honest, unbiased professional opinion regarding terms, profits per deal, and the average time required to complete a deal. (A formal and thorough examination prior to the grant of approval or clearance).  Don't pass up this bargain Blessing "A La Carte" entryway while it lasts.  On it's own, a $5,000+ price tag.  Your Ble$$ing Windfall!  We've made it advantageously inexpensive for you to get started Today! Reserve Your Session Now! Click here for "A Masterful Kickoff"   


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Masterful Kickoff! $150.  Silver Starter Expediter Hire.  Your $5,000+ Blessing Windfall!

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Personal Note:  Along with my GRP Team Family Funding Circle, I humbly thank you in advance for your confidence, support, and any future considerations.  We look forward to Uniting and be an asset to you and for your organization. Having a Long Term, Exciting Business Adventure and The Start of Something Big!

Unitedly yours, Jorge Diaz II. Em:, Cell:239-362-4002


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